Second Run This Week

Whoo hoo! I did it.

I went for my second run (since I re-dedicated myself to regular running) this week!

Fortunately all the stars were aligned in my favour.

By this I mean I was able to get away from work early, it WASN'T raining (if you live in Victoria you know this is a HUGE deal right now) and it was actually SUNNY!

I knew I was going for a run yesterday because I wrote it down in my teacher daybook. Right at the top after "Starbucks latte" and "Walk Max".  If it's in the daybook, it has to be done. Every teacher knows that.

Even though I've been running for two decades, I feel like I'm close to beginner status right now.

My quads and glutes were a bit sore from Sunday's run/walk through a very hilly terrain so I was a little creaky when I started out.

Though I have to say, the 25 minute walk with Max beforehand was a super warm-up!

I listened to one of my favourite podcasts (Note to Self) and headed off around our local golf course for another 5k ramble.

I promised myself I would walk up the big hills. Actually there's only one big hill (see below) and lots of little hills.

Looking up:

Getting back into running again. My second run!

Looking back down:

Getting back into running again. My second run!

Interesting, though off-topic, RIDICULOUS FACT: See that pond down there? And the two fairways? When we first got Max at the young age of 5, I took him around here off-leash. He spotted some geese in the pond and jumped in after them. They, of course, flew onto the grass, always being careful to stay just a little ways ahead of him. He would NOT come back when I called him so I ended up running all over both fairways and further off to the left trying to catch him. I may or may not have been screaming at the top of my lungs. Other walkers actually stopped to watch (and probably laugh)!

Back on topic:

It was still tough going (remember the beginner status?) but I came home with a big smile on my face.

Can't beat that!

PS I completed this 5k run in 35 minutes. Very slow still, but hey, it's still early days.


  1. Every step forward makes it easier next time !! (Maybe I should follow my own philosophy ) 😀 Good run !!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Audrey. That's what i keep reminding myself, too:)


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